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Is your fireplace smoldering instead of roaring? Have you had issues with a leaky chimney causing other damage? Does smoke seem to be escaping from places it shouldn’t? A damaged chimney can pose a serious safety hazard, leading to smoke inhalation or even chimney fires. Don’t wait for a simple problem to snowball into something much bigger – and more expensive.

When you notice early warning signs that you may have a problem with your heating appliance, call Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, Inc. Our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), so they know chimney and fireplace repair. If your heating appliance isn’t running, we’re here to help.

What Types of Chimney & Fireplace Repairs Can You Help With?

The certified technicians here at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, Inc. have the experience to tackle a wide range of chimney and fireplace repairs to ensure the heating appliances within your home function safely and efficiently. When your fireplace, stove, or insert shows signs of slowing down, don’t hesitate to call us for a comprehensive inspection. If there is a problem, we’ll figure it out.

What Types of chimney and fireplace repairs do we offer?

These are some common repairs we perform:


  • Leaky Chimney Repair. Water is your chimney’s biggest enemy. A leak can cause a domino effect of damage within your chimney system. Early intervention is key when your chimney springs a leak. The longer the leak goes on, the more havoc it will wreak. You could end up with damaged masonry, rusted chimney components, or structural instability.
  • Gas Appliance Repair. Gas appliances are known for being lower maintenance and more user-friendly compared to their wood-burning counterparts. However, you could have issues with specific parts of the appliance like the pilot light, thermocouple, or gas valves.
  • Wood-Burning Repair. Many homeowners prefer wood-burning appliances for their traditional charm and authenticity, but the smell of burning wood could also be accompanied by issues like creosote buildup, chimney blockages, and firebox damage.
  • Pellet Stove Repair. Pellet stoves are a great alternative for homeowners who appreciate firewood, but may not want to deal with the mess or storage requirements it comes with. Ignition problems and feeding issues can happen with a stove due to a jammed auger. Additionally, parts of the stove – like the exhaust fan – can malfunction due to wear and tear.

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Why Choose Us for Chimney & Fireplace Repair?

Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, Inc. has been repairing and servicing fireplaces in Denver and the foothills since 1997. With over two decades in the industry and professional, certified technicians and staff, we have extensive experience with all types of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. If your system needs repair, we can help.

Whether your stove isn’t running at all or if it is just not meeting your expectations, call us. We’ll get you up and running.

Why Work With a Certified Fireplace & Chimney Technician?

A CSIA- or NFI-certified fireplace technician is educated in the proper maintenance and operation of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. Their certification proves a commitment to providing the best standard in quality of service and expertise. Our technicians and staff are required to attain certification from either the CSIA or NFI in the maintenance of wood, gas, or pellet-burning appliances.

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Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney technicians are well-trained and experienced in repairing fireplaces, stoves, and inserts in and around the Denver Metro area. We are standing by to help you resolve any fireplace problems you may have. Call us today at 303-679-1601 or request an appointment online.


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