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Chimney sweeping is the process of removing soot and creosote from the inside of a chimney. Creosote is a flammable substance that can build up in pellet- and wood-burning hearth appliances over time. Chimney sweeps use specialized brushes and other tools to clear creosote and other debris from a chimney.

Regularly chimney sweepings has several benefits for your home, including:

  • Reduces the risk of chimney fires
  • Improves the efficiency of your fireplace
  • Helps to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Improves air quality in your home
  • Extends the life of your chimney
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How Often Should I Have My Chimney Swept?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend that chimneys be swept at least once a year for hearth appliances that are used regularly. If you use your fireplace less often, you may be able to have it swept every other year. Discuss your options with your chimney technician.

Annual chimney sweepings keep your whole fireplace, stove, or insert system running efficiently and safely from top to bottom. The primary reason for chimney sweeping is to remove the byproducts of combustion from your system, especially creosote. Creosote is a particularly dangerous byproduct of burning wood that is the leading cause of hostile chimney fires. This black, tar-like buildup is also acidic and can degrade the interior of your chimney if left unattended.

If you burn firewood regularly – especially if that wood is soft or wet – you should get an annual sweeping to prevent that buildup from becoming a hazard to your property and safety. Additionally, annual chimney sweepings typically come with a Level 1 chimney inspection to check for any additional hazards or degradation in your wood-burning system.

Chimney flue pipe covered with a thick layer of soot.

What Happens During a Chimney Sweeping?

When you schedule your chimney sweeping from Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, Inc. a crew of two professional, certified chimney sweeps will come to your home and perform a chimney sweeping and Level 1 Inspection. We’ll remove the creosote and other combustion byproducts from your system and keep you up and running through the burning season.

What Is a Level 1 Chimney Inspection?

Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney technicians inspect the readily accessible interior and exterior portions of your chimney system (from the firebox to the flue). They check closely for signs of damage, danger, and health hazards (such as carbon monoxide or water intrusion).

Our CSIA-certified experts will also educate you on the proper use of your fireplace if necessary and they’ll go over their findings during the sweeping and inspection process. They’ll provide you with any recommendations that they believe would improve the efficiency and safety of your system.

What Are Signs That My Chimney Needs Sweeping?

Annual chimney sweepings should be your baseline, but there will be times when you can’t wait until it’s time for your yearly appointment. If you spot any of the following, call Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney to book an appointment:


  • Trouble starting or maintaining a fire. If you find it much harder than usual to get a fire going – or if the fire seems weak and struggles to stay lit – it could be because your chimney has a blockage.
  • The hearth appliance is smokier than usual. A blocked chimney can’t ventilate smoke properly and you may notice that smoke is backing up into your living space.
  • There is a foul smell. A strong, unpleasant odor coming from your chimney could be an indication of creosote buildup or burning debris.
  • Evidence of critters in the chimney. Animals can sometimes build nests in chimneys, which can block the flue and become a fire hazard. If you hear strange noises coming from your chimney or spot other signs of animal activity, it’s best to call us for an inspection.

Can I Sweep My Own Chimney?

Before adding chimney sweeping to your list of weekend household chores, consider the dangers of not doing the job thoroughly. Without the necessary level of expertise, you may leave creosote and flammable debris behind and a chimney fire could be the final result.

Instead, you should work with a certified chimney sweep – such as those at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney – because you can trust their expertise and level of education. A CSIA-certified sweep is required to pass a stringent examination process and maintain continuing education to ensure that their knowledge is current and relevant to your chimney and fireplace system.

Reach out Now to Book Your Annual Chimney Sweeping

Your yearly chimney sweeping is vital to the health, performance, and lifespan of your hearth appliance. Protect your home from the dangers of a chimney fire by maintaining your chimney system with annual chimney sweepings and inspections. When it’s that time of year, get in touch with Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney online or give us a call at 303-679-1601.


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