Does Your Chimney Chase Cover Need To Be Replaced? Call Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, Inc.

Is your chimney chase cover showing signs of wear and tear? This crucial component of your chimney system is designed to protect your chimney from moisture, debris, and animal intrusion. Unfortunately, its proximity to the elements means it will wear down with time. On the bright side, you don’t have to wait for water leaks to decimate your chimney system to take action. Reach out to Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, Inc. to have your chase cover replaced before the damage is done.

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What Is the Difference Between a Chimney Cap and a Chase Cover?

Although both chimney caps and chase covers are important parts of the chimney system, they serve distinctly different functions. A chimney cap is a protective covering for the flue itself that prevents rain, snow, animals, and other debris from entering the flue. Chimney caps also often have mesh sides that act as spark arrestors to stop wayward sparks from landing on and igniting your roof.

A chase cover is a larger metal sheet that fits over the entire top of a factory-built – or prefabricated – chimney chase. Chase covers are made from durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum and their purpose is to stop water from getting into the chase, which would lead to rust, decay, and other types of damage.

How Do I Know if My Chase Cover Needs To Be Replaced?

There are many signs that your chimney chase cover might be on its last legs and need to be replaced. Here are some key things to look for:


  • Signs of rust and corrosion. Look for reddish-brown stains on the metal itself or streaking down the sides of the chase. This is rust which weakens the metal and compromises its ability to protect the chimney. All types of metal are susceptible to rust, but galvanized steel tends to break down quicker than other metals.
  • Water leaks or stains. Dampness on the firebox walls or water dripping inside the fireplace could indicate that your chase cover is failing and water is getting into the chimney system. Also look for water stains on the exterior walls around the chimney, particularly near the chase cover.
  • Warped or cracked metal. If you can see visible gaps, warping, or separation from the chimney chase, reach out to Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney immediately. Even small openings are welcome signs for animals and moisture.
  • The chase cover is discolored. If the chase cover appears significantly faded or discolored it may be time for a replacement. The exception to this are copper chase covers which eventually take on a patina finish the longer it’s exposed to air.

What Maintenance Does a Chimney Chase Cover Require?

An intact and functioning chase cover is crucial to a long-lasting and effective chimney system. Regular annual inspections can help you catch early signs of rust, corrosion, or damage. Addressing these issues promptly prevents them from escalating and compromising the chimney’s structural integrity. 

Cleaning the chase cover is equally important. Over time, debris buildup can trap water and hinder proper drainage, leading to rust and corrosion. An annual appointment for a chimney sweeping by a certified professional can help prevent this from happening.

Keep Moisture Out of Your Chimney System

Water can do serious damage to your chimney system, costing you quality time with your hearth appliance. By working with Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, you can rest assured that your chimney system is in experienced, reliable hands all year long. Call us for an appointment at 303-679-1601 or reach out to us online.


Having us install a chimney cap is a straightforward and fairly inexpensive way of taking care of your leaky chimney repair needs. Our expert technicians can tell if that is a solution that works in your situation.