Leaky Chimneys Are No Match for Morrison Homeowners Thanks to Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, Inc.

Chimney leaks are one of the most common chimney repairs we see. For residents in Morrison, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton, Evergreen, Conifer, Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Edgewater, Kittredge, Indian Hills, and nearby, a leaky chimney doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. You can count on Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney to find the source of the leak and restore your chimney to working condition.

Morrison offers a unique blend of natural beauty and a deeply enriched history. From picturesque views to natural science, it’s the perfect town to settle down in if you have a curiosity about the world around you – both past and present – as it’s an area known for paleontological finds and striking geological features.

You can step back into the Jurassic period with a guided tour through Dinosaur Ridge – one of the most renowned dinosaur track sites in the country – or visit the Morrison Natural History Museum. For a more modern and musical outing, catch a concert at the famed Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre – a stage framed by 300-foot-tall, crimson sandstone monoliths.

While life in Morrison is usually filled with scenic adventures, sometimes Colorado weather is unforgiving. We’re no stranger to thunderstorms or a few feet of snow. On days when cloudy skies are threatening, it’s best to settle indoors. But what if that heavy rain interrupts your quaint evening at home and leaves your chimney worse for wear? Reach out to Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney.

For almost 30 years, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the best all-around chimney services to residents in Morrison and surrounding towns. If you have a leaky chimney, call us at 303-679-1601 or get in touch with us online.

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We Offer Quality Fireplace & Chimney Services to Morrison Residents

Are you a Morrison resident dealing with a leaky chimney? Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney is the team to turn to for all things chimney. Whether you need a new stove installed or regular chimney upkeep, we offer a comprehensive range of services:

What Are the Signs of a Chimney Leak?

  • Staining on surfaces near the chimney. Look for water stains on your walls or ceiling near the chimney. These stains –  often brown or yellow – may slowly get bigger and more noticeable. This could indicate an ongoing leak that needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Wall damage around the chimney. If the paint is peeling or the wallpaper is bubbling near the chimney, it’s likely due to a leak. Your chimney may not be the source, but you should schedule a chimney inspection to rule it out.
  • Water in the firebox. Visible water in the firebox is one of the biggest indicators of moisture problems. It may be caused by a chimney leak or it could be due to condensation forming as a result of a cold flue.
  • Discoloration on the chimney itself. White stains – called efflorescence – are a sign that water has seeped into the masonry and is pushing minerals to the surface. Green stains usually come from vegetation growing on the chimney.
  • Cracks and crumbling. Over time, water damage can cause cracks in the chimney bricks and make mortar crumble. If it’s caught early, you can salvage brickwork with tuckpointing. Long-term damage can result in structural instability.
  • Musty smell. A musty odor might mean mold or mildew is growing in the damp chimney.

What Do Customers Like You Have To Say?

We’ve used Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney for years to repair and maintain our wood stove but last year added the dryer vent cleaning to our annual maintenance schedule. They are always on time, professional and friendly in addition to being very knowledgeable about their work. I highly recommend them!

–Ramee M.

They were very thorough in their inspection of our chimney and gas fireplace. Everything was thoroughly explained and they patiently answered our many questions. Both technicians are very knowledgeable and conscientious.

– Diane P.

We have been using Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney for about 5 years now. They are always on time and professional. They leave us feeling confident about the cleanliness and operation of our fireplace each season. 5 stars – Highly recommend!

– Thomas M.

Why Does My Chimney Leak Only When It Rains?

Rain leaking into your chimney is a common problem, and there are a few reasons why it might only happen during rainfall. The main culprits are usually related to water protection methods failing:

  • Broken or missing chimney cap. This acts like an umbrella for your chimney. If it’s damaged or missing, rain can go straight down the flue and leak inside.
  • Faulty flashing. This is a series of metal sheets that have been intricately placed to seal the gap where the chimney meets the roof. Flashing can wear out over time or be improperly installed, allowing water to seep in behind it.
  • Cracks in the chimney. Cracks in the crown – the top part of the chimney – or the bricks and mortar themselves can have small cracks that allow rain to leak through.
  • Naturally porous materials. Time is undefeated and even well-maintained chimneys will break down at some point. The bricks and mortar in your chimney can absorb water like a sponge. If they become too saturated, they can leak inside.

Let Us Get Your Chimney Back in Tip-Top Shape

A chimney leak doesn’t always lead to big costs and intrusive construction. Some leaks can be resolved quickly and without much disruption to your daily life. The key to getting it taken care of in a prompt and budget-friendly manner is to schedule an appointment with Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney as soon as you suspect a problem. You can click here to book an appointment or give us a call at 303-679-1601.


Our friends in Englewood enjoy all the benefits of living in our service region and being able to trust our professional chimney care, year after year.