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If your chimney is giving you a headache, let the team at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, Inc. take a good look at it for you. For nearly three decades, we’ve proudly installed, maintained, and repaired chimneys for homeowners in Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Lakewood, Golden, Westminster, Edgewater, Applewood, Mountain View, Lakeside, Evergreen, and surrounding areas. Let us show you why we are the best chimney company in Metro Denver and the Foothills!

Imagine a life in which the Rocky Mountains are practically right in your backyard. You can start every morning with a cup of your favorite coffee and the newspaper with the Rockies as your company. That type of accessibility to the great outdoors may have you thinking that you have to live rather remotely and isolated. But that reality is within reach right here in Wheat Ridge.

A cozy suburb just outside of Denver, Wheat Ridge is a welcoming, family-friendly community where neighbors know each other by name. It’s the type of place where residents can enjoy the perks of the quiet life while still maintaining easy access to Denver’s cultural offerings, restaurants, and nightlife.

When you’re not hiking, biking, or exploring local trails around town, grab a pair of binoculars and go birdwatching at Crown Hill Park. If the weather isn’t on your side, plan a day indoors and travel back in time with visits to the Wheat Ridge Historical Society and James H. Baugh Homestead.

As much as you may like to, all of your time can’t be spent outdoors. Occasionally, you’ll have to take care of things around the house. Fortunately for homeowners in Wheat Ridge, no shortage of local companies can help you maintain your home for years to come. At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, you can turn to us for hearth appliances and chimney care. Book with us online or call us to schedule an appointment at 303-679-1601.

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We’re Proud to Service Residents in Wheat Ridge & Beyond

Whether you need an annual chimney inspection or a branch has recently collided with your chimney, you can come to Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney for it all. We’re here to help you with installations, maintenance, repairs, and much more: 

What Do Customers Like You Have To Say?

We’ve used Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney for years to repair and maintain our wood stove but last year added the dryer vent cleaning to our annual maintenance schedule. They are always on time, professional and friendly in addition to being very knowledgeable about their work. I highly recommend them!

–Ramee M.

They were very thorough in their inspection of our chimney and gas fireplace. Everything was thoroughly explained and they patiently answered our many questions. Both technicians are very knowledgeable and conscientious.
– Diane P.

We have been using Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney for about 5 years now. They are always on time and professional. They leave us feeling confident about the cleanliness and operation of our fireplace each season. 5 stars – Highly recommend!

– Thomas M.

What Are the Most Common Chimney Repairs?

Chimneys are exposed to the elements year-round. No matter how well you work to maintain your chimney and keep it in good shape, it should be no surprise that it will need repairs from time to time.

Here are some of the most common chimney repairs:

  • Removal of creosote buildup. Homeowners with wood-burning hearth appliances are likely all too familiar with creosote. This is a flammable tar-like substance that is a natural byproduct of burning firewood. Annual chimney sweepings can keep creosote levels manageable, but neglect can produce dangerous amounts of creosote buildup that need to be removed as soon as possible.
  • Chimney cap installation or replacement. A chimney cap is a crucial line of defense against water intrusion. These protective covers shield the chimney from unwelcome visitors like rain, snow, debris, and even animals. A damaged or missing cap can leave your chimney vulnerable, allowing water to seep in and cause damage.
  • A chimney leak. Leaks in your chimney can stem from several issues, such as damaged flashing, cracks in the crown, or crumbling mortar joints. The flashing is the metal seal that prevents water where the chimney meets the roof. The crown is the cap on top of the chimney that shields it from rain. Early detection and repair of leaks is crucial to prevent significant water damage to both the chimney itself and the surrounding areas.
  • Deteriorated mortar and bricks. The mortar between the bricks in a chimney can crack and crumble. This can allow water to get into the chimney and cause more widespread damage. In severe cases, the bricks themselves may also crack or deteriorate.
  • The flue liner needs to be replaced. The flue liner acts as a barrier that protects the chimney walls from heat and corrosion. It also improves the chimney’s efficiency. Unfortunately, flue liners can deteriorate over time through cracking, corrosion, or general wear and tear.

Suspect Chimney Problems? Don’t Wait, Call Us Today!

If your chimney isn’t working as well as it usually does and you have reason to think your chimney is on the blink, take action and reach out to Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney today. Some issues are minor and can be repaired quickly, but other damage may be more extensive and require immediate intervention to maintain safety. You can call us to set up an appointment at 303-679-1601 or request an appointment online.


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